[Sarashina-Horii (Japan Culinary Academy)] Order the Deliciousness of Edo

[Sarashina-Horii (Japan Culinary Academy)] Order the Deliciousness of Edo

While we’re all stuck at home, why not enjoy the treasures, master craftsmanship, and cuisine of Edo Tokyo Kirari from the comfort of your own home?

Founded in 1789, Sarashina-Horii continues the tradition of soba (buckwheat noodles), an important part of the culture of the Edo Period.
Did you know that you can enjoy the soba noodles from this famous restaurant in your home?

The Sarashina-Horii Official Online Shop sells not only the classic Sarashina-Soba* and other dishes but also the limited-edition “2021 Shofukukaiun Soba Kinchaku Set” (2021 Good Luck Soba Drawstring Bag Set). This set was created with the hope that “Gastronomic luck would visit many people in 2021.” This special set has received a blessing and an amulet from the Azabu Hikawa Shrine.
Our hope is that you will enjoy this wonderful soba at home with your friends and family. Be sure to enjoy this flavor of Edo.

*A famous dish of Sarashina-Horii. This is pure white soba made only from the core of the buckwheat. It is known for its slight sweetness and ease of swallowing.


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[Sarashina-Horii (Japan Culinary Academy)] Order the Deliciousness of Edo