[Ninben] Now holding the “Spring Utsuwa Market,” featuring dishes for serving dashi[Ninben] Now holding the “Spring Utsuwa Market,” featuring dishes for serving dashi

[Ninben] Now holding the “Spring Utsuwa Market,” featuring dishes for serving dashi

Ninben, which has been carrying on the Japanese “dashi” culture for more than 300 years, has announced an event for enjoying warm spring days with both the eyes and the palate.

In conjunction with “SAKURA FES NIHONBASHI 2024” being held in the Nihonbashi area from March 15, Ninben Nihonbashi Main Store is holding the “Spring Utsuwa Market” featuring cherry blossom-colored dishes.

The 13 types of vessels on sale this time are from “Fukayama,” a manufacturer of “Utsukushii Kurashi no Utsuwa” in Mizunami City, Gifu Prefecture.

These vessels include cherry blossom-colored tea bowls and plates, bowls with petal motifs, and chopstick rests in the shape of cherry blossoms, purchased from “Fukayama” (Mizunami City, Gifu Prefecture), with its attractive traditional Mino ware techniques and playful designs.

Mizunami City is one of the world’s leading porcelain production areas, where white porcelain is made while respecting the history, technology, and human lineage of the city. The white porcelain of Miyama is made by firing glassy porcelain clay at a high temperature of 1,340℃ to vitrify it, resulting in a pale, translucent luster and functionality that makes it easy to wash and stain resistant.

Recipe cards featuring spring recipes that look great on cherry blossom-colored dishes, created especially for this project, will also be distributed.

[Ninben] Now holding the “Spring Utsuwa Market,” featuring dishes for serving dashi
A card with spring recipes created by Ninben for the “Spring Utsuwa Market.”
Three items using products sold at Ninben’s Nihonbashi main store: “Japanese Pasta with Spring Cabbage Scented with Dashi”; “Dashi Rice Ball with Nanohana and Firefly Squid;” and “Simple French Fries Scented with Honkare Katsuobushi.”

Feel the arrival of spring from your dining table by serving dishes made with seasonal ingredients and dashi (Japanese soup stock) in spring-like vessels.

Friday, March 15-Sunday, April 7 in the Nihonbashi area
SAKURA FES NIHONBASHI 2024 is being held for the 11th time this year. A variety of content themed around “cherry blossoms,” which reminds us of the coming of spring, can be enjoyed.
Official website:https://www.nihonbashi-sakurafes.art/

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