[Yamamoto Noriten] Seasonal “shin-nori” will be released in mid-December 2020

[Yamamoto Noriten] Seasonal“shin-nori”will be released in mid-December 2020

While we’re all stuck at home, why not enjoy the treasures, master craftsmanship, and cuisine of Edo Tokyo Kirari from the comfort of your own home?

Nori is enjoyed throughout the year regardless of the season, but did you know that there are times when you can also find “first-flush-nori” on the market?

yamamoto-noriten, a company founded in 1849, sellsshin-norifrom mid-December every year which uses only the first-flush nori harvested in that year. Nori that is freshly harvested from November to December has a delicate and aromatic flavor unique to shin-nori.

In particular, theshin-noriof Yamamoto Noriten is distinctive for the following attributes:

①It is comprised only of carefully selectedshin-noriof the highest grade.
②It has a delicate texture and a unique sweetness.
③It is carefully inspected by an expert procurement team at production areas. (While nori is typically graded by inspectors at production areas, Yamamoto Noriten has established its own, additional proprietary standards and dispatches procurement experts to production areas to inspect the conditions of the sea and the growthof the nori.)

The company’s rigorous quality control standards have created a delicious product whose flavor will surprise those who try it for the very first time.
Don’t miss your chance this year to enjoy the winter-exclusive product “shin-nori.”

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[Yamamoto Noriten] Seasonal “shin-nori” will be released in mid-December 2020

Shin-nori/Ichibanyaki, 2-tube box. (2 tubes of toasted nori, containing 28 packets (5 sheets per packet, and each sheet 1/8 the size of a standard nori sheet)). Retail price: 10,800 yen including tax (Unit price excluding tax: 10,000 yen).
※Theshin-noriwill be shipped as soon as it is available (from mid-December).
※Please note that this is a seasonal product with limited availability.