[Kyogen] “The Crest Dictionary” Now On Sale

[Kyogen] “The Crest Dictionary” Now On Sale

The world of modern family-crests, as told by family-crest artisans who can express anything with circles and lines!!

Kyogen’s Shoryu Hatoba and Yohji Hatoba, who are the heirs to the techniques of family-crest drawing, have written “The Crest Dictionary“, which went on sale in December 2020.

The book explains the family crests that Japanese people have been familiar with since their proliferation in the Edo period from the viewpoint of crest artisans. It also looks at the composition and mechanism of crests. As all family crests are drawn in “Mon-Mandala” (“Mon” meaning “crest”), which is Shoryu Hatoba’s original technique of drawing only with circles and straight lines, the readers can enjoy the beauty of family-crest designs just by flipping through its pages. Pick up the book to visit the world of Japanese crests.

The Crest Dictionary
Writers: Shoyu Hatoba & Yohji Hatoba
Publisher: Raichosha
Bunko paperback: 360 pages
Price: ¥1,650 (tax included)

■Kyogen Official Website; The Crest Dictionary page

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[Kyogen] “The Crest Dictionary” Now On Sale

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