[Matsuzaki Doll] Your favorite seasonal festival dolls[Matsuzaki Doll] Your favorite seasonal festival dolls

[Matsuzaki Doll] Your favorite seasonal festival dolls

Founded in 1921, Matsuzaki Ningyo is an esteemed shop producing Japanese seasonal festival dolls (sekku ningyo). Third-generation proprietor Mitsumasa Matsuzaki keeps alive the techniques for making Edo kimekomi dolls* and Edo costume dolls** under the brand name of “Koikko.” We make a wide variety of dolls, including dolls for traditional seasonal festivals like Girl’s Day or Hina Doll’s Day on March 3rd (Peach Festival) and for Boy’s Day (or Children’s Day) on May 5th.

Koikko dolls wear kimono having the traditional “Edo no Aya” colors based on the Edo Period’s refined aesthetics. Since we make the doll’s head and body ourselves, we can offer many unique dolls. We have a wide selection of dolls such as Boy’s Day warrior dolls with beloved faces created by popular illustrators, folding screens using traditional and chic “Edo Karakami” design patterns, and standing dolls to decorate narrow spaces.

[Matsuzaki Doll] Your favorite seasonal festival dolls
[Matsuzaki Doll] Your favorite seasonal festival dolls

Our “anima” series are artistic dolls in the shape of rhinoceros, stag beetles, and other creatures. They wear precious fabrics such as gold brocade (kinran) which is no longer available. The dolls have thick and colorful fabrics to delight both young and old. Available for online purchase at our official website, but we recommend that you visit ourshowroomand see them for yourself.

*The doll is molded with clay mixed with paulownia saw dust. Grooves are then made on the hardened clay mold along the seams of the fabric pieces to cover the mold. The fabric edges are then tucked into the grooves.
**The doll’s head is molded as above, and the costume is sewn on the straw body.

■ Koikko official website (online shop)

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[Matsuzaki Doll] Your favorite seasonal festival dolls