[Chikusen] Unveiling innovative yukata styles: The “yukata blouse” and “running-stitch pleated skirt”

[Chikusen] Unveiling innovative yukata styles: The “yukata blouse” and “running-stitch pleated skirt”

Chikusen unveils its innovative apparel made from traditional yukata fabric.

At this time of the year, summer events such as fireworks displays and other festivals where participants put on their yukata would typically be in full swing. Unfortunately, this year’s events have been canceled one after another due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Under these difficult circumstances, department stores that sell yukata have started coming up with new ways for their customers to enjoy the yukata, such as wearing it for online drinking parties. This has also made yukata the talk of the town.

Chikusen, a kimono shop based in Nihonbashi that was founded in 1842 in the late Edo period, has also developed a new style of wearing yukata. For some time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the shop has been receiving countless requests from its customers to make clothes with its yukata fabric, as well as feedback from those who would like to wear yukata in summer but lack the opportunities to do so and those who are hoping to incorporate Chikusen’s designs into their everyday life. This has led to Chikusen’s creation of the “yukata blouse” and “running-stitch* pleated skirt,” products that showcase its special yukata fabric.

These new products exemplify the mission of Chikusen, a shop that has been selling traditional Edozome yukata* for a long time, to make yukata more accessible, pass on the extraordinary skills of craftsmen and kimono makers, and raise public awareness of the yukata, while reflecting on the actual meaning behind “making clothes.” Why don’t you take this opportunity to incorporate these creative ways of enjoying the yukata into your everyday style?

*1 A kind of basic hand-sewing technique.
*2 Edozome yukata mainly refers to yukata that has been dyed with the yukata production method used during the Edo period known as “nagaita-chugata.” This method was invented during the Edo period and became the mainstream method for dyeing Edo-style yukata, which flourished during the Meiji period. The result is a stylish yukata dyed on both sides by immersing it in indigo dye using a special technique passed down from the Edo period, and which features both large designs drawn by painters and smaller patterns created with traditional komon stencils.




株式会社竺仙 / Chikusen

[Chikusen] Unveiling innovative yukata styles: The “yukata blouse” and “running-stitch pleated skirt”

Yukata blouse and running-stitch pleated skirt (sold as a set only)/¥64,900 (tax included) to ¥79,200 (tax included)/Size: M, L/Fabric type: You can choose your preferred sewing thread for the running stitch and the pattern of the fabric. The yukata blouse is made by directly applying the traditional technique of sewing yukata and is worn by securing it in front like a regular yukata. The pleated skirt is fitted with a rubber waist band that makes it easier to put on.