[Isehan Honten] Workshops to be held throughout the year

[Isehan Honten] Workshops to be held throughout the year

Located in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo,Isehan-Hontenoperates the “Beni Museum” as the last-remaining Beni (traditional lip pigment) store . From April 2021, workshops will be held in the museum’s communication room every Friday and Saturday.

There are two types of workshops: (1) “Small Experiments with Beni”, in which participants can observe the process of extracting red pigment from safflower petals; and (2) “Introduction to Making Beni-dyed Tsumami-zaiku (Japanese Fabric Flower-making)”, in which participants can create clips, hair accessories, and other items using silk fabric in various shades dyed with Beni.

Tsumami-zaiku is a traditional Japanese craft that has been handed down since the Edo period (1603-1868). Using tweezers, fabric cut into squares is folded and pinched like origami and glued together to form flowers and other shapes.
Both workshops are open to children. Please come and experience Beni first hand.

*In accordance with the policy of Tokyo Metropolitan Government following the declaration of a state of emergency, Beni Museum will be temporarily closed from April 25, 2021 with the viewpoint of preventing the spread of coronavirus infection.
Please refer to Isehan-Honten website for the information about re-opening.
*Reservations are required for all workshops.
*For more details and for further information regarding target age ranges, please visit the official website below.
*The workshops are currently suspended until May 22 (Sat) due to the exhibition “Yurie Nakashima: Master of the Future: Sparkling Engraving”. The workshops will resume on May 28 (Fri).
Please note that the workshops may be suspended again in the future if there is a special exhibition, lecture, or other event.

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[Year-round Workshop #1]Small Experiments with Beni
[Year-round Workshop #2]Introduction to Making Beni-dyed Tsumami-zaiku