[Ryukobo]Support the team from home! Hyoshigi made with traditional kumihimo

[Ryukobo]Support the team from home!Hyoshigimade with traditionalkumihimo

Ryukobo uses traditionalkumihimo(braided cord) to create new items with new shapes for the modern age, including in the production of the medal ribbons used in the Rugby World Cup 2019. We are now performing crowdfunding and are showcasing thehyoshigiclappers on our website.

Hyoshigiclappers made by Ryukobo consist of two striking blocks connected bykumihimo. Red and white threads are used for regularly sold items, but Ryukobo will produce hyoshigi using special limited-color thread that express teams’ colors when viewing matches. In addition, we have incorporated the motif ofraiden(lightning), revered as a talisman since ancient times, into the “Inazumagumi”kumihimo. It embraces a hope that all will go well, and that we will beat the new coronavirus.

[Ryukobo]Support the team from home! Hyoshigi made with traditional kumihimo

While many events have been canceled or postponed because of the pandemic, the craftsmen of Ryukobo have found encouragement in the reopening of professional sports matches. “When watching a match on TV with your family or partner, or when supporting your team, please make noise with thehyoshigiclappers and feel a connection with others through thekumihimo. We also hope that you’ll make use of it in various scenarios after the pandemic has subsided, too,” says Ryuta Fukuda of Ryukobo.

See the below for details of “Support the team from home! The Edo Kumihimo Hyoshigi Project for bringing people together.”


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