[Ryukobo] Rattle with Kumihimo strings that brings out a smile[Ryukobo] Rattle with Kumihimo strings that brings out a smile

[Ryukobo] Rattle with Kumihimo strings that brings out a smile

Ryukoobo has long been trusted by tea ceremony masters, kabuki actors, and members of the royal family for its reliable techniques, and even today, Ryukobo proposes manufacturing through braided cords in Nihonbashi. Now, a new idea for babies has taken shape. Its name is “Karakorokeri: Kumihimo Rattles.
The “Karakoro”sound produced by the combination of different materials with the plaster-like water-based resin stimulates babies’ senses in abundance.
It is also a sound that is common to the small, lively sound of braided cords. It also reminds us of the way the cords are carefully assembled one by one, wishing for the healthy growth of the baby.

The braiding technique used for the handle is called “Fujitsugumi.” It is said to “begin with four and end with four,” making it a simple yet intricately twisted method that creates a three-dimensional texture. The blossoming design at the top, resembling a blooming flower, has a gentle texture that brings smiles not only to babies but also to everyone who sees it.

[Ryukobo] Rattle with Kumihimo strings that brings out a smile

Designed, planned, and produced in collaboration with Bloom Sketch (https://bloomsketch.jp). The product will be available on Ryukobo’s e-commerce site in February.
It is made with a flat bottom and is freestanding, so it can be displayed as an interior decoration even after the baby grows up.
It is a gentle item that gently watches over your baby as he or she grows up.

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