[Ryukobo]Umbrellas you will want to use on sunny days[Ryukobo]Umbrellas you will want to use on sunny days

[Ryukobo]Umbrellas you will want to use on sunny days

Ryukobo, lead by its CEO, Takashi Fukuda, and Ryuta Fukuda, famous modern craftsmen, creates plaited cords, taking care of everything from dying the silk thread, creating the designs, and constructing the final products.

Japanese clothing accessories such as Obijime (cords tied around the mid section of a kimono) and Obiage (a kimono accessory) are their primary plaited cord products, but Ryukobo has been passed down from generation to generation, and have a strong desire to share their techniques with the world. To this end, they also create products that extend outside of the boundaries of Japanese clothing, such as chairs, umbrellas, stationery goods, and more.

Tokyo Umbraid is a western style umbrella made in collaboration by Ryukobo and a long established purveyor for the imperial family, and has a strong, lucky tortoise shell pattern called Kai no Kuchi Gumi, named for its shell like shape. It also has a 16 piece frame that, when opened, is absolutely beautiful. They say it is not only fantastic at staying dry in the rain, but is also a perfect gift.

■The Ryukobo Online Store

The online store also features other products, including a cute pouch with wide braided “anda-gumi” cord, and silk scarves sewn using special techniques with flat cords that go well with both western and Japanese style bags.

■Ryukobo’s Instagram

[Ryukobo]Umbrellas you will want to use on sunny days
[Ryukobo]Umbrellas you will want to use on sunny days
[Ryukobo]Umbrellas you will want to use on sunny days

Ryukubo Business Development Head—Ryuta Fukuda