【Takahashi Kobo】Broach Decorated with Gorgeous Ukiyo-e

【Takahashi Kobo】Broach Decorated with Gorgeous Ukiyo-e

Takahashi Kobo, which inherits traditional Edo woodblock print techniques, is upcycling Ukiyo-e

“Ukiyo-e woodblock prints” are made by applying around 20–30 layers of pigments onto soft Japanese paper of the highest quality and have exquisite Japanesque colors and bold compositions.Takahashi Kobo, which is celebrating its 160 year anniversary, inherits this technique through the handiwork of its artisans and have maintained its quality throughout the years.

Prints with defects such as misalignment of pigment applications are called “Yare” (corrupted form of “Yabure” which means unusable item) and never see the light of day. We are attempting to upcycle these Yare, which are unconceivable to the untrained eye, to make “broaches” and “sketchbooks”.

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東京 高橋工房 / Tokyo Takahashi Kobo


【Takahashi Kobo】Broach Decorated with Gorgeous Ukiyo-e