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Creating Clothes to be Lovingly Worn Across the Generations

Famous for its Thunder Gate (Kaminari-mon) and thriving Souvenir Street (Nakamise Dori), Senso-ji Temple is an iconic historical landmark of Tokyo. As a place where the sights and sounds of traditional Tokyo linger, Asakusa remains a neighborhood of craftsmen, with a variety of warehouses and workshops of all sizes lining the bustling streets. Tucked quietly among them is a small workshop of Porter Classic that was established in 2007.

Porter Classic is a brand that was launched by Katsuyuki Yoshida, one of the most influential Japanese fashion leaders who has created numerous hit products in the past, together with his son Leo Yoshida. Agreeing on the concept, the “world standard” should be “clothing that is lovingly passed down to the grandchild’s generation,” the father-son team have been creating one hit after another.

Porter Classic’s signature offerings use solidly traditional elements, such as fabrics and fittings for Japanese kendo (swordsmanship) suits, or sashiko (Japanese quilting) designs. The kendo-inspired clothing, made from indigo-dyed cotton that fades intriguingly over the years, is durable and excellent to the touch. The longer you wear this fabric, the more it blends gently with your physique, and every time your arms pass through its sleeves, your silhouette gains perfection.

Among their many creations, the Newton bag series is considered to be particularly innovative. The shoulder strap is made of a new material that distributes pressure in a well-balanced way, developed by the Japanese bedding manufacturer Showa Nishikawa, and suitably called “muatsu” (“no pressure”). It’s an absolutely magical idea—effectively reducing stress from the weight of the bag.

This is merely one example of the Porter Classic line, each new design a timeless fusion of the modern with the classic, never neglecting to incorporate traditional Japanese skills with leading-edge technology at the same time. Rather than merely receiving traditional techniques and materials in their historical form, the father-son team has found that, by daily updates on contemporary techniques and ideas, they can create a new standard: clothing that will be worn lovingly across the generations.