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Made in Japan, with timeless “global aesthetic.”

Sensoji Temple, located in the bustling Asakusa area, is one of the city’s most important historical buddhist landmarks also known for its Kaminari-mon gate and Nakamise shopping street. Traditional merchants, craftsmen and large number of wholesalers represent this busy downtown area of Tokyo. Located in one of its quieter sideway alleys, is fashion brand Porter Classic’s main atelier.

Founded by Katsuyuki Yoshida, one of the most influential Japanese fashion icon known for creating Porter bags, and his son Leo Yoshida, author of “Honokaa Boy,” Porter Classic incorporates “made in Japan” and “global design” at its foundation. Drawing inspiration from both traditional ideas and experimental approaches, as well as various art genres, modern technology, and skilled artisanship, Porter Classic creates products that lasts and attracts generations.

The brand’s signature products are made with traditional kendo(Japanese fencing) uniform fabric, as well as the traditional sashiko(running stitch) fabric. The indigo dyed kendo series offers durability, softness, and a ray of blue color fade over the years. The sashiko series offers lightness, hand-sewn aesthetic, and relaxed wide patterned silhouette.

Recently, Porter Classic launched the groundbreaking luggage series “newtonbag” which disperses the weight of bag on shoulders, by using Showa Nishikawa bedding company’s “muatsu” mattress foam (convoluted egg shaped foam) in the shoulder strap.
By embracing both traditional Japanese craftsmanship and modern technology, Porter Classic continues to create timeless products that fuse modern with classical, local with global.